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Another mind at ease

A puff-back in Joan’s ranch style home in New England left her very distraught over the condition of her home and personal belongings. Soot puffed back through her baseboard heaters affecting the entire structure as well as her many family heirlooms and collectible figurines. Joan’s sister had a similar experience a few years back and was on-site to help her sister through her difficult time, recounting her own positive experience with ServiceMaster Clean. Joan had many questions about the cleaning that were assuaged by our knowledgeable manager whose attention to detail and compassion helped to set Joan’s mind at ease regarding the care of her home and belongings within.

“This was my first experience with a loss. Your girls just took over, made me feel so comfortable. They didn’t let me touch a thing, sjust sit and relax. Thank you.”

Joan A.

ServiceMaster Elite New Englands Disaster Provider