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Prize family possessions saved...

possessions destroyed servicemaster clean restores themOn the evening of December 14th, a fire raged through the living area of Jane’s suburban ranch. Fortunately, no-one was in the home, but Jane’s suffered losses of prized family possessions. Irreplaceable family pictures of deceased relatives were a collective mass melded together by the heat of the fire and covered with soot. Heirlooms were blackened. Upholstery and carpet covered in the dark footprints of fire-fighters.Restored Family Possessions restored by Servicemaster Elite Within hours of the fire, ServiceMaster Elite was on the scene, containing the damage and helping Jane get back on her feet. In addition to packing out all her contents, cleaning upholstery, walls, flooring and every item in the home, ServiceMaster Elite employees were able to utilize a new technology to salvage the family photos, saving countless family memories.

‚ÄúServiceMaster Elite was great. I thought many of my things were gone forever, and you found a way to save the things most important to me ‚Äď my photos. Thanks for making the best of a lousy situation.‚ÄĚ

Jane A.

ServiceMaster Elite New Englands Disaster Provider